Who was Pavel Sergeyevich Alexandrov?

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Pavel Sergeyevich Alexandrov


Figure 17 - Pavel Sergeyevich Alexandrov, Soviet mathematician
Figure 17 – Pavel Sergeyevich Alexandrov, Soviet mathematician


A topology in which the intersection of any family of open sets is open is called Alexandrov topology. The Soviet mathematician made an important contribution to the topology.


Alexandrov made his first major mathematical success in 1915 in set theory. He worked with Felix Hausdorff and developed what we call today, point-set topology or general topology. In 1920 he developed “combinatorial topology.” He was the President of the Moscow Mathematical Society, vice president of the International Congress of Mathematicians, and a full member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.


Before we go ahead, here is a quick recap on union and intersection.


Figure 18 - Union and intersection
Figure 18 – Union and intersection

Figure 18 is self-explanatory and it shows what is union and intersection which is one of the fundamental concepts of set theory.


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