Do Aliens Live on Mars? – 7 Strange Discoveries


Our universe is very vast and it is continuously expanding. There are many galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids, etc. our solar system has 8 planets. They are: – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It is said that Earth is the only planet suitable for human life in our solar system but the space agencies are trying to find out the percentage of truth in this statement.

Recently, the research is going on Mars. Many space agencies sent missions on mars. NASA sent four robotic vehicles to mars which are called rovers; their names are – spirit, opportunity, curiosity, and sojourner. ISRO sent Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) on mars. Now before studying that is there any life possible on mars; let’s first introduce mars to ourselves.


(Earth: hello mars!

Mars: hello earth! Let’s become friends.

Earth: Sure! But I do not know you properly; please introduce yourself to me. 

Mars: Hey, buddy sure. Actually I am your neighbor. Now listen to me carefully.)


Mars is the neighboring planet of Earth. It is the 4th planet of our solar system. In an account of size, it is the second smallest planet after mercury; it is half the size of Earth. It is a cold desert planet known as the ‘red planet’ due to rusting iron in the ground. Its mass is 6.39 ×1023kg i.e. 0.11 Earths. (Ohh… amazing).

Mars also has the largest mountains as well as the largest dust storms in our solar system. One day on mars is 24.6 hrs. (Little longer than earth) but one year is of 687 days. On mars the sun appears half in size smaller as compared to it appears on earth. Mars has 2 moons i.e. Phobos and Deimos.

Now let’s discuss the probability of life on Mars. You know only 18 missions out of 40 related to mars are successful. There are some facts or pictures captured by rovers sent by NASA which indicates the presence of aliens on Mars.


1) Traces of water

Water on Mars
(Image Credit: NASA)

Water is essential for living. There are traces of liquid water presence on Mars. We come to know about this by seeing the dark strips on the crater wall or cliff in satellite images. According to the scientists, this water must be salty as to prevent it from freezing or vaporizing. There are signs of ancient floods also on mars.


2) The dark lady on mars

Woman on Mars
(Image Credit: NASA)

One of the NASA rovers named curiosity captured a photo of mars in which a dark lady seems to be present on the surface of Mars. (Pretty interesting! I wonder if aliens will want to become our friends)

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3) The face appears on mars

Highest-Resolution View of "Face on Mars" – NASA's Mars ...
(Image Credit: NASA)

in the Cydonia region of Mars, the Viking1 orbiter captured the face monument image. It is referred to as a monument as it is made of dust. When it captured in 1976 face appeared very clear but when it recaptured in 2001 the dust-covered the face as a heap of dust. It is said that there must be civilization on mars that why they draw the face before they left in memory like sometimes we leave our names or signs in places we visit. A theory also proposed saying that it may be the warning given to us. (Omg! pretty scary)


4) Shadow of Human

Shadow on Mars
(Image Credit: NASA)

Rover captured a shadow of a human figure carrying an oxygen tank. According to the scientist and UFO sightings, it only concludes 3 possibilities: (do you wanna guess?)

  1. Rover is not on mars. (it’s an absolutely wrong guess)
  2. Aliens are living on Mars. (seems possible and exciting)
  3. Aliens are messing with our rover. (oops Goosebumps arises)

All in all, there is a very high possibility of aliens living on Mars.


5) Skull captured on mars

Skull on Mars
(Image Credit: NASA)

NASA rover spirit captured an image of a skull covered in dust. It appears like it was screaming or we can say that it has a very painful death. According to researchers, the skull must be of part reptilian and part bird. It’s a dinosaur-like skull. This evidence shakes the whole world of paleontology.

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6) Human statue on mars

Statue on Mars
(Image Credit: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University)

NASA rover spirit captured a picture in which a human figure sitting on a rock can be observed. But after going close to it when it captures a picture there was one. This is a mystery. Many speculations are there but an alien’s existence is a higher possibility.


7) Mars pyramids

Pyramid on Mars
(Image Credit: NASA)

pyramids on mars are identical to the pyramids of Egypt. Even they are made on the same axis and same coordinates. The coordinates of the pyramids are 29.9792458˚N i.e. same as the speed of light. We can even say that the mars pyramids are exact above the cone of Egypt pyramid. Is it coincidence or there are really aliens living on mars and at some point they interacted with Egyptians. (Really mysterious)

All in all, we have pretty much evidence to say that there is life on Mars and aliens are living from quite much time. But because there are many more theories regarding this we still doubt. But it is just a matter of time as it’s not much time left when NASA is sending a human astronaut on mars maybe they will meet aliens there. (Seems exciting as well as goosebumps arising)

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