Intel Launched ‘Lakefield’ Hybrid CPUs for New Generation Laptops

Intel Launched ‘Lakefield’ Hybrid CPUs for New Generation Laptops

Combining Core and Atom Architectures for Folding Screen Laptops, Intel launched its new high speed ‘Lakefield’ Hybrid CPUs. Talking about specifications of these high speed CPUs, these CPUs have one high-performance core and 4 low-power cores. From this launch, Intel claims a huge reduction in idle power consumption.
Another good news is that – the first Lakefield based laptop will continue sale this month. The company also said that – the Windows 10 scheduler is fully capable of assigning tasks to an appropriate core using hardware scheduling. Mainly, the new Lakefield CPU series models are planned to be inserted in the ultra-portable laptops and new form features including dual-screen and folding-screen models.

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So far, two CPUs are announced by the Intel, the new Intel Core i5-L16G7 and Core i3-L13G4, each with one high-power core and 4 high-efficiency cores. They’re going to first be seen in Lenovo’s Samsung Galaxy Book S and ThinkPad X1 Fold. In its announcement Intel said that – the combination of those new developments allows for a CPU that’s approximately 56 percent smaller in size than current ones, resulting in smaller motherboards, greater flexibility in PC design, and in fact smaller and lighter devices.
One of the amazing things about the new Lakefield chips is – it consume only 2.5mW of power in standby and have 4MB of cache memory. Also, according to the company – it’s nearly 91 percent reduction compared to an 8th Gen Core i7 Y-series mobile CPU. The Lakefield chips are nearly 12mm square and 1mm thick. The concept of mixing heterogeneous high-power and low-energy CPU cores is common within the ARM-based mobile CPU space.
The new hybrid CPUs are also going to be a part of Intel’s 10th Gen Core series alongside existing parts supported the Ice Lake and Comet Lake architectures. They’re going to be differentiated by their numbering scheme, which shows the relative power of every CPU and its integrated graphics capabilities. These new CPUs are going to be officially labeled as “Intel Core processors with Intel Hybrid Technology”.


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