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Kohlberg’s – Life, Theory & Death


Lawrence Kohlberg was a famed man of science within the twentieth century.

He was born in Bronxville, the big apple on Gregorian calendar month twenty-five, 1927.

Kohlberg listed within the University of Chicago, and with high examination scores, he was exempt from several needed courses and received his bachelor’s degree in only one year.

He has done a Ph.D. in psychological science and his thesis within the field of morals and ethics, way running away created his theory thus famed among academics.

In 1959, he joined Yale as a professor of psychological science. Over many years worked there he returns once more to Chicago University and does analysis in kid development within the means of ethical values.

During the years of his life from 1968 to 1987, he worked at Harvard’s University as a professor of education and psychological science.



Kohlberg married Australopithecus afarensis Stigberg in 1955, and that they had 2 sons.

Kohlberg died of an obvious suicide in 1987, when an extended battle with depression in 1971.



Professor Kohlberg, fifty-nine years recent, had suffered from a tropical sickness for twenty years.

He left the Mount achromatic Hospital in Cambridge, on Jan. 17., and his automotive was found abandoned on a residential street in Winthrop, on Jan 21

His body, found by a police officer on routine patrol, was found concerning 1000 yards south of wherever he was believed to own gone into the water, in step with native Police.

The same state medical experts these days knew the body through dental records. The same that in step with post-mortem indicated drowning because of the reason behind death, which no wickedness was suspected.

Professor Kohlberg, a resident of Cambridge, became a professor of education and psychological science at Harvard in 1968 in university.

His book on ethical development is employed by academics around the world to market ethical reasoning tons.

Patricia A. Graham, dean of the grad school of Education at Harvard, said, ”We regret significantly that we are going to ne’er see him once more.’

After his death, he has a woman, two sons, a sister, and a mother hurtful.



Kohlberg same that ethical values area unit universal, and on the idea of the study, he expressed that ethical development of a private takes place in a very specific sequence. He has divided the ethical development of man into 3 levels, and every level into 2 stages.

We shall discuss them here in brief:

First Level (Pre-moral) (4 to ten Years of Age):

  1. within the initial stage, a baby follows rules to avoid any social control.
  2. within the second stage, a child’s behavior is predicated on artificial seventh heaven, he follows a rule to urge reward or admiration.

Second Level (Morality of typical Role Conformity)

10 to thirteen years old-time

  1. within the third stage a baby cultivates verbosely (conventional) morality, he follows verbosity rules so as to become an honest individual and to urge other’s admiration, and he doesn’t do something which can be offered to others.
  2. within the fourth stage, a baby conducts himself as approved by society so as to avoid social censure.

The third level (Morality of Self-Accepted ethical Principles) (13 years and later):

  1. within the fifth stage, a baby tries to become an honest individual such he’s accepted by others, he currently thinks and works within the interests of the community.
  2. The sixth stage is the last stage of ethical development. during this stage, a private follows the principles approved by self-consciousness and respects honorable individuals.

He undertakes abstract thinking, constructs ethical principles, and doesn’t undertake any such actions thanks to that he could be disrespected by himself. this can be the best stage of ethical development. no more than ten % of individuals reach this celestial point.

At the add-up half Kohlberg is admittedly an exquisite person and a man of science his ethical theory provides the way to drill ethical values within students and the way to model a schoolroom like that.

In step with him, it’s the sole values UN agency guide North American nations between right and wrong. when his death his students and co-academics miss him tons.

He went however his theory still on priorities for the North American nation. His theory additionally face criticism additionally however its acceptance is more rather than denial.


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