Albert Bandura: the Foremost Eminent Man of Science

The social learning theory of Bandura emphasizes the importance of perceptive and modeling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others.

Bandura (1977) states: “Learning would be passing heavy, to not mention venturesome, if folks had to believe only on the results of their own actions to inform them what to undertake to. Luckily, most human behavior is learned observationally through modeling: from perceptive others, one forms an idea of however new behaviors are performed, and on later occasions, this coded info could be a guide for action.” (p22).

Components of Theory

Social learning theory explains human behavior in terms of continuous reciprocal interaction between psychological feature, behavioral, Associate in Nursing environmental influences. The part processes underlying empiric learning are:

(1) Attention, as well as shapely events (distinctiveness, emotional valence, complexity, prevalence, useful value) and observer characteristics (sensory capacities, arousal level, sensory activity set, past reinforcement),

(2) Retention, as well as symbolic secret writing, psychological feature organization, symbolic rehearsal, motor rehearsal),

(3) Motor copy, as well as physical capabilities, self-observation of copy, the accuracy of feedback, and

(4) Motivation, as well as external, vicarious, and self-reinforcement.

Because it encompasses attention, memory, and motivation, social learning theory spans each psychological feature and activity framework. Bandura’s theory improves upon the strict activity interpretation of modeling provided by Miller & Dollard (1941). Bandura’s work is alleged to the theories of Vygotsky and Lave that conjointly emphasize the central role of social learning.


Social learning theory has been applied extensively to the understanding of aggression (Bandura, 1973) and psychological disorders, significantly inside the context of psychotherapy (Bandura, 1969). It is also the theoretical foundation for the technique of behavior modeling that is widely used in coaching programs. In recent years, Bandura has centered his work on the idea of self-efficacy throughout a kind of context (e.g., Bandura, 1997).


The most common (and pervasive) samples of social learning things are television commercials. Commercials recommend that drinking a specific nutrient or using a specific hair shampoo can build USA fashionable and win the admiration of engaging folks. Relying upon the part processes concerned (such as attention or motivation), we tend to might model the behavior shown inside the business and obtain the merchandise being publicized.


1. the easiest level of empiric learning is achieved by initial organizing and rehearsing the shapely behavior symbolically then enacting it overtly. Secret writing shapely behavior into words, labels, or pictures results in higher retention than merely perceptive.

2. people ar additional doubtless to adopt a shapely behavior if it results in outcomes they price.

3. people are additional doubtless to adopt a shapely behavior if the model is analogous to the observer and has loved standing and so the behavior has a useful price.

Bandura’s Theory Applied inside the classroom

Using Bandura’s social learning theory inside the room will facilitate students to reach their potential. Students do not solely imitate each other however conjointly the teacher. Being an Associate in Nursing honest model, hospitable to all the students, and holding the students to A level of responsibility are progressing to be imitated by the students in step with Bandura.

I will able to be a task model by not property students flip in their work past the maturity reinforce the importance of responsibility. The students will learn that they are in control of this normal which they must hold for all of their work. Cluster work is otherwise I will be able to apply Bandura’s social learning theory. Having myself opt for the teams will leave an expansion of students in every to be various.

If there is Associate in Nursing honest student United Nations agency is intended and accountable and a student United Nations agency does not care regarding faculty inside the identical cluster, then in step with Bandura they are going to imitate each other. With these students inside the identical cluster, I’d hope that the upper student is progressing to be able to influence the other student imitate whereas acquire responsibility and motivation.

I will facilitate this by guaranteeing all members of the cluster have to be compelled to participate. Being an obsessive teacher will facilitate unfold my passion to the students conjointly. a touch like inside the image, the keenness is evident look the teacher. I’d just like the students to travel away from my room with a far larger passion for mathematics than what they came in with.


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