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New Generation: Good or Bad?

Generation - Human

The generations in this era had some undeniable gaps because the newer the things the harder it to adopt the changes. That’s true for all kinds of age groups. We have difficulties in understanding each other. Is that a problem or an advantage? The 20th century was a failure in human development with the help of technology, our steps were bigger in the millennium considering the changes so fast. The main idea is innovation and maybe some sophisticated revolution. The revolution derives from evolution if we consider the initiation.

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Our lives are ongoing but somehow the adoption getting harder likewise the biggest rule is still on that the weakest ones being extinct and the strongest ones are survived. The selectivity factor in nature. The human is at the top in the survival challenge considering the other creatures but is that true for all species. Considering the single-celled creatures coming from the beginning are still on (thanks to evolution), they still cause our lives to turn into different situations in health, digestion, consumption, etc. The adoption is over? The future won”t be better than now and progress is the relativity factor for all generations. There is no clear definition for none of us what is the lack of your own era. Thus somehow the barriers we built between generations are the subject of non-archeological philosophy thanks to all myths and legends only.


As human beings we are social species instinctively needing each other but what about our rules at the pyramid and where we are in the food chain Human race has no rival in other terms they are rivals only to each other to keep their positions In the past there was social status as rulers being at the top and at the bottom the slaves, workers, merchants, etc. Do you think they’re all gone?…. In other forms, we are still familiar with these sub and top categories between people.


Wanting equity in life may be impossible dogmatically and those dogmas rule you find you a job to survive and a mate to give birth and a place to be buried so you can change this circle by creating your own id, only use your wisdom.

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